Family Tradition

Our Heritage:

Our family has been involved in the cultivation and production of olive oil for over two hundred years. The Mediterranean Diet of Greece is a tradition and art that is passed on from generation to generation.

We highly value quality and tradition. We also employ modern technological production methods and techniques to ensure production is capable of reaching a large amount of consumers.

Mr. Ioannis Anagnostopoulos comes from a family that has devoted their lives to olive growing and producing excellent extra virgin olive oil.

He started in the family farming business in his early 20 s under the strict supervision of his older family members in Sparta. Ioanni has committed himself to advancing the agricultural sector in Sparta.


AROGOS uses hand picked organic Koroneiki, Manaki, and Athinolia olives harvested from the trees of the Sparta region of Lakonia, Greece famous for its high quality agricultural products and exceptional olives.

Adhering to the strictest standards of production our carefully cultivated and selected olives are cold pressed using the most advanced technology and a combination of modern and traditional techniques to produce the world s finest organic olive oil.

No pesticides or chemicals are used at any stage of cultivation or production and the extra virgin olive oil produced is certified to be 100% organic.


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