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Our business is located in Peloponnese near Eleohorion village, which in Greek means “the village of olive oil”. It was given that name, to indicate the social and economical importance of olive growing in a area blessed with the perfect climate for such cultivation.

Farmers in southern Greece don’t grow olives just because the consumer demand has increased worldwide, but because it’s part of their culture and diet for thousands of years.

The variety of our table olives is Kalamata (a.k.a Calamata or Kalamon), world famous for its unique fruity flavor and meaty texture. Our “Oreino” olive oil is extracted from Manaki olives, while our “Lakonian” oil comes from 4 different local varieties (Athinoelia, Asproelia, Koronaiki, Koutsouroelia).

Often the most valued treasures are found off the beaten path, and this is particularly true of Elaioladiki’s olive oil, produced in one of the oldest olive oil making regions of Greece.

It all starts with the olives, grown in the fertile soils of Peloponnese under ideal climatic and environmental conditions. It continues with the fruit harvesting, the oil extraction at the mill, the packaging and finally the storage in a clean, cool, dry place so none of the essential oil nutrients are lost before our organic extra virgin olive oil reaches your table.

Oreino, Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Elaioladiki

Strong fruit flavor with peppery finishes. An ideal choice for olive oil aficionados.

We make sure that olives are treated carefully. After all, olive is a fruit, with a delicate nature sensitive to pressure and temperature. Even a slight abrasion causes acidity, dampness and fermentation which diminishes the beneficial health effects and decreases the shelf-life of the final product. For that reason, ground olives are not collected and only the finest quality tree fruits is kept. The collected olives are transported in well aerated containers and milled within 24 hours of harvesting.

Dorica Glass Bottle

For the extraction of olive oil, only mechanical means and warm water is used with temperatures below 27°C (80°F), which qualifies our oil as “cold extracted”. The temperature of malaxation and extraction is crucial because it has an important effect on olive oil quality. When high temperatures are applied the more volatile aromas are lost and the rate of oil oxidation is increased, producing therefore lower quality oils. In addition, the chemical content of the polyphenols, antioxidants, and vitamins in the oil are destroyed by higher temperatures. No chemical treatment to neutralize strong tastes or the acid content is used.

Marasca Bottle

Packaging: 1Lt, 750ml, 500ml, 250ml glass bottle (Dorica & Marasca)

Olive Variety: Manaki

Region: Peloponnese, Greece

Free acidity: 0.1% – 0.5%

Harvest period: November – December

Other info: Cold extraction, early harvest, extracted from biologically grown olive trees in southern Greece.

Certified organic by DIO according to EU 2092/91 and USDA/NOP standards.


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