Organic extra virgin olive oil – Mercouri Olive Groves

The olive oil of the private company MERCOURI OLIVE GROVES is a product from a part of “Mercouri’s” property with a 150 year tradition in the production of wines, dried black currants and extra virgin olive oil.

The property is located near the village Korakochori of Ileia on the western coast of Peloponnese and is 25km far from Ancient Olympia.

In the year 1995 Christine Mercouri-Frangou began the production of organic extra virgin olive oil in her part of the property.

Organic extra virgin olive oil – MERCOURI OLIVE GROVES

An special ,organic extra virgin olive oil,cold extracted ,with organoleptic qualities of rare excellence. In paper carton with 12 bottles.

Bottle 0.5 liter

Try this exceptional , organic extra virgin olive oil ,from koroneiki variety trees, 100 years old. In paper cartons of 15 or 30 pieces.

Tin can 0.5 liter

An excellent, organic extra virgin olive oil with special taste and aroma. In paper cartons of 15 pieces.

Τin can 1 liter

An organic ,extra virgin olive oil with rare balance of taste and aroma. In paper boxes of 5 pieces.

Tin can 3 litre

Organic, extra virgin olive oil, the natural juice of our olive trees in the highest quality. In paper boxes of 4 pieces.

Tin can 5 litre

Organic,extra virgin olive oil of top quality in small quantity. Special for restaurants and gifts. With special carton box

Bottle 0.1 liter

The organic extra virgin olive oil Mercouri Olive Groves received honorary distinction from the Natural History Goulandris Museum in an event in the 09/06/2015

Marco Orreggia 2014. It was included in the list Marco Oreggia Flos Olei 2014 as one of the best organic extra virgin olive oils in the world

Certificate from the University of Athens (Faculty Of Pharmacy). 

Congratulations on the “Mercouri Olive Groves” Olive Oil from the ex-professor of Pharmacology and Chemistry at the University of Athens Mr. Procopios Magiatis, who considers it to be one of the top Olive Oils produced in Greece for the year 2014.

The analysis of the Olive Oil sample showed that its composition in oleocanthal and oleacin was higher than the average of most of the other greek olive oils. These factors are very important for the protection from inflammations, cardiovascular problems, arthritis and the lowering of HDL-Cholesterol

BIOL’s International Prize

In the international “BIOL” competition of the year 2011 for organic olive oils, in Bari – Italy, our extra virgin olive oil was the winner for the greek organic olive oils.

“BIOL” is an annual international competition for organic olive oils, with high prestige. In the year 2011 participated nearly 320 organic olive oils from all over the world and among them around 60 greek ones.

In the year 2009 our extra virgin olive oil gained the quality award from the magazine “Gastronomos” as one of the best greek extra virgin oilve oils.

“Gastronomos” is a magazine of KATHIMERINI newspaper specialized in greek quality food ,beverage and excellent farm products.

Each year it rewards with high qualitative criteria exceptional products of small greek producers.

The olive oil is checked and certified from DIO (Certification company for organic products).


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