Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Eulogia

Eulogia of Sparta Premium Products

Eulogia began in 2012 under the philosophy that specific geographic regions are “blessed” with natural attributes that allow them to cultivate superior quality products due to their climate, terrain, resources and overall natural placement in the world.

Some countries can produce the best coffee beans; others the best wine.

In Greece we are truly blessed to be able to produce premium products using the world’s best quality olive oil and honey.

Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Eulogia

A premium organic extra virgin olive oil produced from family owned groves in southern Sparta (PGI Lakonia).

Hand picked and cold pressed, Eulogia is distinct with its unique taste, golden color and extremely low acidity of < 0.3% making it of exceptional quality and one of the finest oils in the world.

This robust and complex olive oil is bursting with a fresh olive taste and equally strong aroma, reminiscent of harvest end while pressing olives at the mill.

Bold fruity notes are initially realized and as the flavor arcs hints of fresh cut grass, bitter dandelion greens and a slight nutty characteristic are detected. Eulogia is a pungent olive oil and has a peppery, almost spicy finish that will definitely make its intense presence known.

Pairs well with various cheeses such as feta and gorgonzola, perfect for use in leafy green salads, ripe tomatoes, steamed vegetables and as a dipping oil. Excellent with grilled chicken, steak or fish as well as topping off a hearty bean soup.


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