Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil Threpsi

In the Greek language, “Threpsi” means “nutrition” and thus embodies the high nutritional properties in Threpsi products.

Threpsi” has its beginnings in the region of Messenia in Peloponnese, southern Greece. There, our great grandparents cultivated the land over a century ago.

The present generation is inspired by the family tradition and select only the best fruits from their olive trees for their products.

“Threpsi” invites you to taste their unique products and let them become a part of your everyday live.

Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil Threpsi

“Threpsi” extra virgin olive oil comes from the variety Koroneiki from the region Messenia (Kalamata) & Sitia, Crete. The harvest of the olive fruit is done by hand from late October to late December.

Within 24 hours, the olive oil is produced by cold extraction. Through its very low acidity, Threpsi achieves a fresh aroma and a full-bodied flavour with a peppery aftertaste, perfect for your salads as well as cooked or grilled vegetables, fish and meat.

Certified: Organic & Kosher

Available in:

  • 500ml
  • 5 Liters


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