Organic Red Spicy Peppers with Cream Cheese Mixture – ALMI S.A.


Preparing impressive, delicious tasting platters just got easier… and greener!

Grown and hand-picked across Greece, the three-pepper varieties bring savoury notes to your platter and combine the sense of delicious taste with good food!

Always faithful to almito’s high quality standards, every Almito organic product has to meet the DIO (Organization for Certification of Organic Products) standards.

Our peppers are farmed in harmony with nature without relying on artificial chemicals or fertilisers, and the cheese we use is produced with respect to the environment, by animals raised on an organic diet, without routine use of antibiotics.

What better feeling than to share your favorite almito bio peppers together with your loved ones! Enjoy them as a starter and drink sider or creatively accompany your pasta, meat and salads.

Unique bio flavours well worth discovering.

Organic Red Spicy Peppers with Cream Cheese Mixture – ALMI S.A.

Organic Red Spicy Peppers with Cream Cheese Mixture: The “heart shaped” Greek spicy pepper, deep red, product of 100% Organic farming, filled with our Organic cream cheese mixture and preserved in Organic Sunflower oil.

Nutritional Value per 100 g (drained)

Energy 725kj/176kcal

Fat 16.5g

Of which saturated 9.2g

Carbohydrates 1.8g

Of which sugars 1.4g

Proteins 3.9g

Salt 2g

Gluten Free


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