Organic Oregano – ”EN OLYMPO” ESTATE

”EN OLYMPO” ESTATE – Taste & Aroma of Mount Olympus

The first tea trees were planted in 2014. However, our experience with Mt Olympus’ herbs goes way back in time…

Our first memories are images of our grandparents returning from the mountain with bales on their backs….aroma of wild tea emerging from the warehouse where hundreds of bunches of tea hung from the beams…and the lingering taste of hot tea in family gatherings during cold winter nights.

The experiential relationship with Sideritis led us to systematically start its cultivation.

Living on Mt. Olympus, one of the ideal places for cultivating of aromatic plants, allowed us to experiment with other herbs.

In 2017, ”En Olympo” Estate became reality. Our bio-certified herbs are cultivated at the foot of the “Mountain of Gods” with natural methods. They are hand-picked and dried traditionally using traditional methods.

Our modern facilities ensure excellent packaging quality, so that we offer you daily…. taste and aroma of Mt Olympus.

Organic Oregano – ”EN OLYMPO” ESTATE


Oregano is perhaps the most famous herb in Greece and it is the splendour of the Greek mountains. A plant rich in vitamins and nutrients, with a strong antibacterial substance plus antioxidants.

Aside from being used as a condiment for dishes, it was also a medicinal decoction against colds.

The symbol of welfare and happiness was dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite, which growed this wonderful herb in her garden.

In the Greek cuisine, oregano accompanies both meat and fish, either plain or in combination with olive oil. It is also a key component of the most famous Greek dish, the “greek” salad.

DIO, Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products


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