Grandma Stella Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our company was founded in 2018. It is a family business with many years of experience in olive oil production, located in the well known Greek island of Lesvos, in a small village called Stipsi.

We produce our olive oil exclusively from our own olive groves and we count 1500 trees around our olive mill.
We deliver extra virgin olive oil using the most efficient and modern methods of olive oil extraction always in accordance to the strictest rules of organic farming, without the use of chemical fertilizers (Certified by the Official Organization for the Control and Certification of Organic Farming Products, in accordance with European Legislation).

The Olive Oil Co-operative of Stipsi is located in the center of the island of Lesvos at the mountainous town of Stipsi and was founded in 1925.

Since its foundation it has been operating with great success and is offering quality products and high standard services to its customers.

The pioneering olive oil producers of the village are determined to produce organic, extra virgin olive oil using state of the art facilities.

The mill was built right next to our groves and in this way the olives are hand picked and directly led to the mill to ensure the optimal quality of our olive oil.

Grandma Stella Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Organic olive oil is produced and packaged in a modern small oil mill in Stipsi Village. It is extracted directly from hand picked, sustainably and organically grown olives.

The collection of the olives usually takes place at the end of October and for a 4-6 weeks period depending on the weather conditions. The transfer of the olives to the mill takes place within 24 hours from the collection and they are stored in a dry, cool place.

The time required for the production of extra virgin olive oil does not exceed 24 hours from the collection of the olives.

Grandma Stella Organic, Extra Virgin Oil is produced by the method of first cold extraction, at low temperatures (T<27oC), under constantly controlled hygienic conditions to remain fully nutrient-rich.

Grandma Stella Organic, Extra Virgin Oil, has a fruity (25-30%), spicy intact flavor and a superb transparent color, maintaining all the valuable components of natural olive juice.

Quality Characteristics

  • Acidity: < 0,8 (%)
  • Number of peroxides: < 20 (meq O2/Kg)
  • K232 < 2,50 (absorption coefficient for λ=232nm)
  • K268 < 0,22 (absorption coefficient for λ=268nm/ equivalence of K270 with cyclohexane solvent)
  • |ΔΚ|< 0,01 (Deviation of absorption coefficient)

Packaging: Grandma Stella Organic, Extra Virgin Oil Glass Bottle 250ml – Gold Printed

DIO, Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products


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