What inspired MONOGRAM?

A keen desire to create. A relentless pursuit for knowledge combined with a passion for our authentic Greek olive varieties. We wanted to create something unique that we can share with the whole world.

​Where did the idea for MONOGRAM come from?

It was due a will to prove to young people that they can fulfil their dreams. All they need is to dare.

Who are the people behind MONOGRAM?

We are a team of five young people, each one specialized in a different scientific field, from eco-agriculture to economics and mathematics, and from medicine to food-chemistry, who decided to combine our scientific backgrounds with a love for our Greek tradition to create a timeless and superior quality product, as a discerning connoisseur of olive oil would demand.

What is the story behind MONOGRAM?

It all started with my grandfather’s continuous struggle to tame the earth and set roots for his family. My father, a tireless land worker, managed not only to preserve but also to expand this heritage. Since I was a little boy, I used to accompany my father during the harvest of the olives and the pruning periods. As I was growing up, Ι learned the secrets of the olive tree. I’ll never forget my first day climbing on an olive tree to prune it when my father said to me: ‘An olive tree is like a young child, we must help it grow up and flourish. As soon as it is grown up, it will talk to you and guide you.’ Touching words, full of experience and wisdom. Since then, year by year, Ι took on the cultivation of our orchard.

I feel an obligation to continue and expand this heritage by improving and streamlining every single aspect of the procedure, from the olive tree to the storage, conservation and bottling of our premium extra virgin olive oil.



The finest blend of two authentic Greek Organic Olive varieties Koroneiki and Athinolia

Produced according to the national and international standards of organic farming and handling.

100% raw, natural and cold-extracted.

MONOGRAM PREMIUM ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is proudly presented from our distinctive organic olive oil collection.

It is produced according to strict national and international standards of organic handling, farming and cultivation from the finest blend of two authentic Greek olive oil varieties: Koroneiki and Athinolia.

MONOGRAM’s small batch,”first harvest” olive oil is the finest cold pressed extraction of non-ripened olives-prized for their enhanced qualities of flavor, freshness, low acidity and health benefits. Selected olives are pressed within a short time from harvesting to produce an exceptional bright Greek extra virgin olive oil.

This unique blend “blossoms” a sharp fruity flavor typical of an early harvest, with dominant notes of apple, freshly-cut grass, citrus fruits and spices. Our Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a full-bodied olive oil with a rich mouthfeel and a delightful aftertaste.

Working organically with nature from grove to bottle is a personal gratification that motivates us to offer the best olive oil we can for discerning tastes.



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