Almond Crackers SWEET PEPPER – Troo Food Liberation

Troo Food Liberation is a collective of people from different backgrounds that came together to work toward exposing the truth behind our food.

Troo Food Liberation (T//F//L//) believes that the role of food in our lives today is hugely important – it is political, it is social, it is ecological, it is communal and it should always taste damn fine!

T//F//L// advocates for people to make more conscious decisions as consumers. We believe in the right of all people to eat real food, food that is free of pesticides and genetic modification.

Real food which retains its nutritional value and original healing properties. We believe in the ancient Greek motto of “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates, 460 B.C.)..

Troo Food BIO Almond Crackers SWEET PEPPER 50g

Troo Food Magical Almond herb Crackers Totally Vegan and Uber healthy ! Dehydrated and Activated RAW ALMONDS, SEAS SALT FLAX AND OATS …DEDICATED to making food with love …

The star ingredients in these crackers are magical Greek herbs that are renouned for their supreme quality and unique medicinal properties… The herbs are selected by our favorite girl herbalists “daphnis and Chloe”. Wild Thyme , Mt. Taygetos Oregano, Rosemary/// Zesty Zatar…

They are to be enjoyed on their own or to accompany dips and spreads , salads and soups!


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