Organic chocolate with coconut sugar vanilla (Peru Collection)

Kakau Worship family

Kakau Worship family is created after many years of friendship.We studied the chocolate culture after living in Latin America(Mexico, Guatemala, Peru) and practicing on homemade chocolate.

For us the contact with Cacao, a divine fruit gifted from gods is a blessing. Discovering the jungle farm which grows cacao trees under pure conditions is where the path begin for us.

Organic materials and positive vibes are making quality chocolate universal. Kakau chocolates produced in the Kakau Temple is our link to the ancient Cacao wizards.


Cacao tree scientifically “Theobroma Cacao”, coming from the Greek “food of the gods”, was once stolen from heaven by a generous god that brought it to earth as a present.

It has potent stimulant effects and also high levels of magnesium which gives natural antidepressant properties.

The first chocolate was made by taking cacao fruits, removing the beans, letting them ferment before roasting them, grounding them, and then adding water to get the liquid xocolātl (chocolatl) “bitter water”.

We, the Kakau Worship family, focus on bean to bar chocolate production with fair trade cacao from all over the world inspired by ancient recipes.

Our bars are packed with certified biodegradable bag “NatureFlex by Futamura”, a bio-film made from wood pulp, and recyclable paper.

Organic chocolate with coconut sugar vanilla – Kakau Worship Peru Collection

Peru collection

Many ancient tribes used cacao since the prehistoric times.

A huge variety of cacao trees are growing in the tropical area of Peru which creates a smooth milky taste with a great gamma of earthy flavors.

Vanilia Orcmid

INGREDIENTS: cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, coconut blossom sugar*, vanilla powder*. Cocoa 70% min.*

*Product of organic farming

DIO, Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products


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