Organic Orange Confit – Pierroutsakos Original Tastes

The company Pierroutsakos Original Tastes was founded in 2012 in ancient Sikyon, near Corinth, Greece. The founders, Dimitris Pierroutsakos and Christina Palamara started producing organic fruits and vegetables in their own orchards, certified by DIO (the country’s major certification body).

After a series of reinvestments, the company launched a series of products, combining organic agriculture with traditional tastes and recipes of Greece.

The Greek market, despite the crisis, has embraced our products warmly, while exports have started in the year 2017.

Our facilities allow us to produce 2,000 units per day at the current state. A further growth is imminent.

The vision of Pierroutsakos Original Tastes is to become the first ambassador of Greek organic products in the world.

Organic Orange Confit – Pierroutsakos Original Tastes

Pierroutsakos Orange Confit is a product that captures and preserves the full aroma of the orange. It is usable in confectionery, as well as in savory dishes, to add the natural aroma of the orange