Organic Heather Honey – Eulogia

Eulogia of Sparta Premium Products

Eulogia began in 2012 under the philosophy that specific geographic regions are “blessed” with natural attributes that allow them to cultivate superior quality products due to their climate, terrain, resources and overall natural placement in the world.

Some countries can produce the best coffee beans; others the best wine.

In Greece we are truly blessed to be able to produce premium products using the world’s best quality olive oil and honey.

Organic Heather Honey – Eulogia

Heather honey is included in the elite of Mediterranean honeys!

It has one of the strongest and most pungent flavors of all Greek honey. It is a darker, fragrant flower honey with a lingering floral finish.

Heather honey has high nutritional value, as it is considered to be the most nutritious of all honey varieties is rich in iron and protein, and has been prized since ancient times for its medicinal properties.




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