What inspired MONOGRAM? A keen desire to create. A relentless pursuit for knowledge combined with a passion for our authentic Greek olive varieties. We wanted to create something unique that we can share with the whole world. ​Where did the idea for MONOGRAM come from? It was due a will to prove to young people […]

Laconian, Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Elaioladiki

Our business is located in Peloponnese near Eleohorion village, which in Greek means “the village of olive oil”. It was given that name, to indicate the social and economical importance of olive growing in a area blessed with the perfect climate for such cultivation. Farmers in southern Greece don’t grow olives just because the consumer […]

Οrganic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Koroneiki Olive Tree Variety) – EHOR

ehor, according to the ancient Greek poet Homer, “is the Εthereal Golden Fluid that flows in the veins of the Gods, granting them the gift of immortality”. Today, ehor is the new dominant Label which by bringing together the finest certified Greek agricultural producers brings to your door superior organic products, of the highest nutritive […]