“OLYMPION HEMAR” TASTE OF THE DIVINE The Mountain of Gods As the snowy mountain tops merge Heaven and Earth, a restless landscape can be seen where clouds, lightning and thunder battle for domination. It was from the glorious Mount Olympus that the gods would announce the arrival of the new day, “Olympion Hemar”. The light […]

Organic Olympus Tea – ”EN OLYMPO” ESTATE

”EN OLYMPO” ESTATE – Taste & Aroma of Mount Olympus The first tea trees were planted in 2014. However, our experience with Mt Olympus’ herbs goes way back in time… Our first memories are images of our grandparents returning from the mountain with bales on their backs….aroma of wild tea emerging from the warehouse where […]

Organic Mountain Tea – Biorama

Thanks to the Greek climate, and especially that of west Macedonia, we produce top quality organic aromatic and medicinal plants. We offer these plants to you in order to spice your dishes or enjoy them as a beverage. Organic Mountain Tea – Biorama The most common English name other than Mountain Tea is “Shepherd’s Tea”, because Greek […]